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The Library Gateway is designed to help you find the resources you need for your academic studies here at Sheffield Hallam University. We're always keen to hear what you think, so please drop us a line - you'll find all the details on our contact us page.

We tested the Library Gateway and it should work on Safari 5 and up, Internet Explorer 7 and up, Firefox 8 and up and all versions of Chrome.

It's also been tested on iOS 4 and up. If you're using Internet Explorer 6, you'll see a cut down version, but it will have the same functionality as the main site. Any problems, please contact us.

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The Library Gateway uses Google analytics to analyse how you guys are using the site. For more information, including how you can opt out, you can see the University page on How we use cookies.

Using our resources

The Library Gateway will help you find the awesome resources you need for educational purposes - but don't forget that with great power comes great responsibility. There's some information you should look at about what educational use means over on the Code of conduct for the use of software or datasets pages. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


We built the Library Gateway using Bootstrap.

Because they are a lot of fun, we sometimes use LEGO® minifigs in our pictures. Many thanks to LEGO for letting us play with our toys!